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Grapefruit Body Butter (250ml) - Leveque Organics

Body Care Collection

Is your skin looking abit like a reptile...dry or scaly?  Is it thirsty for some hydration? Your skin takes a beating by being exposed to the elements, so let's show it some love with my luxurious natural products filled with organic oils, butters and extracts that leave your skin glowing, hydrated and oh so smooth!  Leveque Organics is no ordinary skincare, I created our range to be gentle enough for all skin types. 
Kakadu Plum Cream Cleanser (250ml) - Leveque Organics

Essential Oil Free

Is your skin sensitive, irritated...just can't cope with any fragrances whatsoever?  You have come to the right place! I created this Essential Oil Free range for sensitive skin. I deliberately left out any essential oils but kept all the good, calming stuff in still, eg organic plant-based oils, antioxidants, a powerhouse of nutrients to nourish and comfort your skin. I don't want you to feel left out in the skincare world, you can and will love your skin again with Leveque Organics.
Antioxidant Facial Serum (30ml) - Leveque Organics

Featured Products

I realise discovering your ideal skincare routine can feel overwhelming. Skincare doesn't have to be complicated when using Leveque products. I'm here to take the guesswork out and help you every step along the way to achieving a glowing complexion and radiant skin using plant-based organic products.
Mature Skin Collection - Leveque Organics

Leveque Combos

Do you want to save money and get your skins mojo back? Not sure which products are suited to your skin?  Well I have done the hard yards for you with our combo packs. A complete day & night routine that will cleanse, nourish and invigorate your skin while saving you money. Don't stick with ordinary skincare when you can have the extraordinary with Leveque Organics.

Citrus Foaming Cleanser    (250ml & 500ml) - Leveque Organics

Mens Skincare

Have you been stealing your missus skincare AGAIN? It's about time you got your own, there's no excuse! There's nothing girly about my range of mens products, they smell manly and they get the job done in no time! So simple for you to use....cleanse,scrub & moisturise EASY!  I have even taken care of your funky smelling armpits, so checkout the natural deodorant. You will be smelling and looking like a new man in no time, your partner can thank me later.  I produce the best men's organic skincare in Australia, even if I do say so!
Calendula & Kakadu Plum Day Cream  (50ml) - Leveque Organics

Womens Skincare

As women we tend to get pulled in every direction, we juggle some many roles... girlfriend/wife, mum, family life, career woman and the list goes on. We always tend to put ourselves last, but ladies it's time to give YOU some self love otherwise you will self combust. My skincare will be the best friend you always wanted, it won't judge you, it will give you a boost even on your worse days.  Leveque Organics will feed your skin the nutrients it needs minus the toxic crap, afterall we deal with enough crap in our everyday life we don't need to add it to our skincare.