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Only the best – organic skincare glowing with goodness

Harnessing the regenerative power of the Australian bush

When you think of our environment it’s often dry, hot, harsh, or steamy and tropical. You don’t often appreciate how amazing the Australian bush is. And how resilient.

I’ve seen it myself, how plants heal themselves and rejuvenate the land after catastrophic fire and drought. I thought;
if the Aussie outback can go from super-damaged to ultra-lush, surely my skin can too.
Growing up in tropical North Queensland, I was the typical Australian kid. I spent a lot of time outdoors, so you can imagine how my fair skin coped with all that sun.
After our children were born, we decided to sell everything, pack up, and travel Australia in a caravan. And that’s exactly what we did for the next three years. That’s when I really started to notice my skin worsening. The travelling was great. The constantly changing climate and water...not so much.
It left my poor skin red, irritated, oily, dry: you name it, I had it.
Of course, I tried everything. Cheap supermarket brands all the way through to the best organic skincare brands and high-end creams.
Nothing helped.
While we were in the Northern Territory, an Aboriginal guide spoke about the incredible medicinal benefits from native plants, many of which are still used today.
That’s when the penny dropped for me.
If I wanted to have positively glowing skin, I needed the best organic skincare possible – bursting full of plant-based goodness.
I realised the only way to know for sure exactly what I was using was to make it myself. Just like your mum always says:
“If you want something done right, do it yourself.”
I started researching the healing properties plants could give our skin. I became a skincare-super-sleuth, studying organic formulations and coming up with my own method that didn’t need all that water and thickening gums.
It was a long process. There were countless nights I worked through until sunrise, creating formulation after formulation until each product was perfect.
I was told by people in the industry that my process wouldn’t work. That I’d need less of the organic, good stuff and more fillers. The thing is, all the thickeners and fillers are exactly what caused me trouble with all the other products I’d tried…
so I trusted my instincts and ignored what “the experts” said.
And you bet I’m glad I did,
because it was only once I started creating my own products, harnessing the potent restorative power of plants, that I finally started to see improvements in my skin.
The redness faded (finally!)
My skin became softer, and the pH levels became more balanced (balanced pH = happy skin!)
The dry, oily, and scaly patches went away (no more reptile jokes please!)
I was finally loving my skin again.
As a small, family-owned business, we care (a lot) about making sure the planet is okay for our future grandkids. That’s why we take super-double-extra care to make sure everything we use, make, and sell is as safe and sustainable as possible. That includes all our packaging, posting, and promotional material. Even our business cards!
And did we mention the solar-powered studio?
We live in a vibrant community, which means we love to have a chat. Got questions about us or your skin? Feel like saying hi?
Don’t be shy, contact me here